Wednesday, December 5, 2018

JoJo, Bo and Scooter!!!!

Hi All, It's a grand TCI day. The water's flat, the sun's shinning brightly on the turquoise water and I am getting in with JoJo and the remora. He dives to the bottom and tries to roll that little hitch hiker off. The remora just unhitches and waits around to clamp on again. I see our friends from Wake to Wake have motored up. They have water skiers hoping to get a glimpse of the famous JoJo. I start to get out of the water thinking JoJo may go visit them and John points into the water in the opposite direction. Bo and Scooter are on their way over! JoJo goes off with Wake to Wake and Bo and Scooter stay with us. Bo, Scooter and I head toward Beaches where the water is amazingly clear. There are times Bo looks at me as Scooter bombs all around. She clicks at me. I wonder what she's saying maybe, "its not easy being a dolphin mom" or "how patient am I". I pretty much got to swim with them from before Grace Point to Smith Reef and back. For those of you haven't looked at the map on my website it's a really long way!! I wore out three scooters and my camera (to say nothing of me!)Bo actually brought Scooter and me in a huge circle ending back where we started. I'm sitting in the boat watching Scooter whiz around. She comes to the boat repeatedly - dolphin for "please get back in"! There's lots of great activity, spy hoping, porpoising, attempt at tail walking. I see another dorsal heading our way. JoJo is back!! I have to get in pooped or not. He comes right over with Scooter (and the remora). I get to swim with both of them (or all three depending on how you look at it). How I love these dolphins! Bo is off I presume fishing. She still doesn't want to swim near JoJo. I'm not quite sure what's wrong there but he sure is great with her calves.

JoJo tries to rub off Remora from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Bo clicking at me from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Nutty Scooter from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

JoJo has Tryst I think!

Hi All, Unfortunately I'm not clever enough show you the GPS route! However, it was pretty much the same scenario except! JoJo wanted to go to the end of Pine Cay where he branched off. John needed to cool off with quick dip and we took the opportunity to eat lunch. I was keeping an eye on JoJo's where abouts as we munched. As we started to pack up, I lost sight of him. He's sneaky like that! We got a call from a friend of ours who had her guests out at the end of Fort George Cay. She saw what she thought were three dolphins fighting. When we got there, it appeared to be JoJo and one other. I think the other dolphin was a female! She was small and had a very wiggley dorsal. John named her Trixi:) I think they were having a little hanky panky. I got in the water but it was so murky, I couldn't tell for sure what was going on. Whether its fighting or mating it usually comes with a lot of activity! After all the excitement, JoJo headed back toward Grace Bay and she headed out the channel between Fort George Cay and Dellis Cay. We followed. I always thought Lemon Lips came from the South side when he comes to visit. I'm dying to know more about who lives out there! It is however very shallow with tricky boating. We followed her a long way luckily without running aground! She headed in the direction where I saw Lemon Lips years ago! She however went over a fairly shallow sand bar and we couldn't follow.

Monday, December 3, 2018

A day being JoJo's Uber Drivers

Without telling you where we took JoJo. I'm giving the gps route that our friend David turned on when JoJo came to meet our boat. This is where he wanted us to take him!!!

Friday, November 30, 2018

JoJo More Like his old self

Hi All, A front has moved in making the water really rough. I'm thinking as we bounce our way toward Beaches, the day might be better spent catching up on business from home. We didn't go out yesterday because the water was even rougher. JoJo seems to be getting into his long rides behind our boat and I don't want to let him down! On our way back JoJo shows up in front of Seven Stars. He then wants to go WAY past the reef where the waves are seriously HUGE. We leave him out there afraid we won't make it back! After a big circle inside the reef, he once again heads our way. Off we go now to Crystal Bay. This time when he branches off he doesn't ditch us. As he's traveling over a reef he slaps his tail hard in the water. Perhaps he's trying to get rid of his Remora? I've only seen him slap his tail a few times. Once he was admonishing a younger and perhaps naughty dolphin. The other time he had something irritating his mouth and I think he slapped the water hard in frustration. Now he starts heading toward Spy Hop. Apparently he wants to go North toward Leeward. John fights the waves as we go past Leeward and on to Pine Cay. There's barely a tour boat out it's so rough today. JoJo branches off and John gets in for a quick and bouncy swim. I have totally lost sight of JoJo, so we decide to make a circle in case he wants to find us. He does and he's in the company of Bo and Scooter! I haven't seen them for days and am thrilled lumpy seas or not! When I get in JoJo takes up his old position right behind me. This really makes me happy! Scooter is so friendly making all sorts of wild circles around me. There is only one tour boat that comes along to watch. It's a catamaran with a few hardy passengers! By this time JoJo has gone off somewhere but Bo and Scooter are very interested in looking at the boat. I think Bo is showing off her calf. I think Scooter is way to busy flying around me to really care about them! I know if you are up North reading this you will have little sympathy but I get really cold if I'm in with the dolphins a long time. When I get out because either I'm really cold or my scooter has died Bo and Scooter come right to the boat. They are wondering why I'm leaving them and seem to be inviting me back in.I'm of course quite flattered and have to get back in. We found JoJo around 9:30am and it's now 3:30 pm. John is pooped from driving through the rough water and I have worn out two water scooters and working on a third! Time to go! Thank you, thank you dolphins!

JoJo Bo and Scooter from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Bo and Scooter from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

JoJo takes a Long Ride

Hi All, JoJo may not be taking me for long swims yet but he's back to staying behind our boat for long distances. We are looking out toward the reef in front of Pine Cay where we had found Bo and Scooter a few days ago. As I turn to look inland I see a dark shape heading right to our boat. This is where JoJo left us yesterday afternoon. Apparently now he wants a ride back toward Provo and Grace Bay. John heads Spy Hop in the direction JoJo wants to go and JoJo gets right behind our boat to get the maximum drag effect as well as surfing the wake. We are off! As we are motoring along, I signal to boat captains that he's in our wake so their passengers can see the famous JoJo. I point to him in the water and they all look at me like I'm nuts until he surfaces for to breath then they all clap and shriek with delight! He's still at the back of our boat as we pass Smith Reef and into Crystal Bay. He branches without so much as a thank you! I don't get to see if the nasty little remora is still there, perhaps tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

JoJo acting more Like JoJo

Hi All,
For the last few days we have found JoJo. He hasn't been interactive me or our boat. Today I'm determined to find him. I'm thinking if I do I won't even try to swim with him unless he comes right to our boat, in that way inviting me in.We look up and down the coast no sign of a dolphin. Around noon I suggest to John that we eat our lunch in Leeward Channel hoping to see JoJo. As I'm munching on a bag of potato chips (that I'm not supposed to eat)I see a dolphin heading right to Spy Hop! He circles around and I figure maybe he wants me in this time. He makes a few passes by me. That tenacious little remora swimming right along beside him then attaching to JoJo's side. I see Jojo start to head off and notice he's making a bee line for the Club Med snorkel boat Miss Turquoise. JoJo's being visible. He stays right at the surface as he approaches so everyone can see him. Finally someone notices and there's a load excited chorus of "there's JoJo". He swims to the back of their boat and takes a ride to Club med where he peels off. I think every single person and there were lots got a chance to film him most with go pros on sticks. John passes by JoJo and he gets in our wake. He now wants to go to Pine Cay which is in the direction he just came from. I think this is his way of checking out his territory. Once we get to the end of Pine Cay he vanishes as only a dolphin can do! I'm so happy to have a brief swim with him and see he's acting a little more like himself despite that annoying remora.

JoJo and Remora cont from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Spectacular day on the South Side

Hi All,
It's not often it's perfectly flat on the South Side but today it is! We start out early to take advantage of the perfect water. David Green our friend and avid dolphin lover meets us at the dock. We haven't seen him since last winter and he comes bearing gifts! He and his wife designed Tee Shirts with a logo of Spy Hop, JoJo and Me!! We head out eyes peeled for dorsals. Just as we reach French Cay, David sees a dorsal. Even though I don't know this dolphin, he lets me swim up to him as he's crater fishing. He takes a good look at me then continues on his fishing mission! The water is so clear we can see fish, rays and sharks without even getting in. We do however have a few great snorkels before heading home. We leave enough time to go out front where the water isn't half as nice. I'm hoping to check in with JoJo. We find him fishing out by Grace Point. He's busy and not very interactive and yes that pesky remora is still stuck on him. Perhaps tomorrow the water out front will calm down and I can swim with JoJo.

Spectacular Day on South Side from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.