Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lemon Lips!!!!

Hi All, Of course the day Dave has flown down to get video,it pours harder than I've ever seen it - all morning and into the afternoon. The swimming pool is starting to over flow! The good news is that when it finally stops the water on Grace Bay is flat. I hurry John and Dave out the door. I'm hoping to have Dave meet JoJo before he has to head home. People are always surprised at how far we go trying to find the dolphins. We motor down to Beaches and back to Leeward where John spots JoJo. I try getting in but JoJo keeps his distance. I explained to Dave how sometimes when he's meeting another dolphin he is aloof and ignores my attempts to swim with him or give him a ride behind Spy Hop. We decide to leave him and go up to the end of Pine Cay with hopes of meeting up with Bo and ______to be determined! Even with the calm water and clearing skies, we don't see a single dolphin. As we returned to Leeward, two dolphins erupt out of the water! I scurry around putting on flippers, mask and camera. Dave is filming all the activity in the boat as well as the dolphins! I slip in and JoJo comes right up. You will recognize him with the remora attached to him. The other dolphin and JoJo are very excited swimming all over and rubbing against each other. The other dolphin comes up to me and I see it's Lemon Lips! If you look hard at the right side of his fluke you can see it's ragged. John can see from the boat that his dorsal falls sightly over to the side.That is his other distinguishing mark. JoJo puts his melon right under Lemon Lips fluke, getting a sort of head rub! They are rambunctious enough that I back away so as not to get in their way. Two seven foot dolphins frolicking around is impressive and a bit intimidating! Lemon Lips swims by me and I can see him looking at me while whistling his signature whistle. He then swims under me and looks right up at me. He's so handsome. Lemon Lips is Bo's calf born in 2012. I'm so lucky that he not only remembers me but gets excited to see me when we meet a few times a year. I was worried about JoJo after I saw him the other day. I even said to John that I'd feel much better if I saw JoJo behaving with more energy. NO problem here! He was full of energy and having a great time playing with Lemon Lips. Dave got to see a dolphin meeting and even though it was only from the boat, its still a treat! I decided to publish without music this time. If you listen carefully, you can hear JoJo and Lemon Lips whistling!

Lemon Lip and JoJo 11-18 from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bo's New Calf

Hi All, We had a successful dolphin day! This time when we found Bo and her new calf my camera worked that was the good news! The bad news was the water was very murky! Bo's new calf that will have a name as soon as I figure the sex. Today the calf was much more interactive. He was flying all around. Lots of darting off and darting back. Circling me at speed. He or she almost swam into me a few times. This would not be the first time a calf ran into me! It's sort of like having a torpedo whizzing around you. JoJo was around and the calf visited him. Strangely enough he and Bo didn't swim together. At the end of the video JoJo comes by me. You will see he has more scrapes from boats I imagine. There is also a remora attached under his belly. We left them early because I'm in the process of creating a video which will be my protest of captive dolphins. We were meeting Dave who has helped me with all my videos.

Bo's new Calf 11-18 from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

First trip

Hi All, For the first time since Feb we are out on the water. The weather is not great with lots of wind and scattered showers. As always there are those equipment glitches!! Flat tire, camera malfunction to name a few. We motor up and down the coast dodging showers. On our last pass I see two dorsals!!! That's when I realized the camera had somehow frozen up! None the less I got in to meet a beautiful little calf with BO. I got to swim with them a few times. JoJo came around the second time and came by to greet me. Bo seemed to want me to meet her new calf and the calf took a look at me. I hope to get lots of video when my camera is in working order!!! I will be able to sex the calf once we get better acquainted. Even though I've been swimming with JoJo for 21 years I'm always grateful and a little amazed that I can get off the plane after months away, head out on Spy Hop, find my friends and carry on our friendship like I hadn't missed a day!

Monday, October 29, 2018

A new calf!!

Hi All, It seems like it's been forever but the day is finally approaching!I fly to Provo on Monday the 12th!!! I have seen a pic that Mark from wake to wake took of a very young calf! Apparently JoJo was with the Mom and calf. I imagine it was Bo's calf. I will let you all know in two weeks! I'm a little sorry to say that apparently you aren't supposed to use the music I have been putting my videos to! I had to take all those with pirated music down. This season the music wont be as much fun but legal:) Stay tuned just two more weeks! Jay

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

JoJo's Gash

JoJo has been hit by a boat propellor

Hi All, JoJo has been injured by a boat propellor. He has a large gash on his head. Mark the island vet has seen pictures. He feels it will mend as have many of the other gashes he has sustained. The worry is that he can eat and that sharks aren't attracted to and seepage coming from the wound. He also feels it's important that he's felt alone to heal and people aren't taking advantage of his injury to be close to him. I have witnessed this before but I was there to ask people to give him his space. Please implore anyone with a boat to be careful of JoJo, he's an older dolphin who loves to hang with boats but he doesn't move as quickly as he used to. Many boat captains go way too close obviously this one did. A very concerned Jay

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Last Swim with Snipper and JoJo

Hi All, The front has finally passed leaving churned up water and fairly rough water. As we travel past Grace Point I start seeing Laughing Gulls. This is the first we have seen of them this season. They are flying all around the boats picking the perfect spot land.
They seem to like this boat the best. We turn around and see Snipper surfing what's left of the rough water. He's heading toward Leeward at a pretty good clip. At Coral House where there is a little clear water he slows down a little. I get in and get a quick greetng before he moves on. I figure he's meeting another dolphin at Leeward and doesnt want to be late! As we pass over the lingering waves that hit the sand bar before Leeward, we see JoJo heading right for Snipper. They come together but don't stay together. I get a nice but short swim with JoJo then he makes it clear he wants his Uber ride. We go up and down the coast in front of the resorts numerous times. As we return to Leeward our engine starts acting up. John says our day is done but, he'll cut the engine so I can have one last swim. Unfortunately it's pretty churned up but it appears his mouth is not bothering him. This is a relief to me. We are leaving Provo until November and I will be worrying about him everyday.

Last Swim with Snipper and JoJo for the Season:( from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.