Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eagle ray at Smith's reef

Hi All,
Thought you might enjoy this. We have seen more rays this trip than any other. We counted over 15 on our trip back from South Caicos. My next blog will have a few pics form South Caicos.

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  1. Dear Jay,
    My family and I have just returned to Canada after 8 glorious days at Ocean Club East - we picked up your book at the airport and both my wife and I consumed it on the flight home. My wife and you are kindred spirits - she is not formally trained as a naturalist, she is a born animal 'whisperer' - at least I think so. We spent our time there driving to remote places for hikes along the beautiful beaches looking at the wondrous nature in awe. She was determined to see Jo Jo from land or by sea, but not through a commercial venture - it's not our thing. While we missed him, my 15 year old daughter and I swam with two rays at Smith's Reef - and my wife joined us after our beckoning her from the beach. After reading your book, I couldn't help but think we must have been sitting near you at the Cabana one night as we overheard fabulous Jo Jo stories from a group of about 6 'regulars' at the table beside us - one person from the group yelled out that he had just seen an eagle ray jump right outside the white buoys.

    Congratulations on your beautifully written book. Your natural writing style makes the reader feel as though they are sitting beside you listening to your stories first hand. We will certainly return to the OC, it's our kind of place - hopefully we'll become a regular there once our schedules permit.

    Darryl Reiter