Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pod of Five Dolphins near West Caicos

Hi All,
I have been wanting to go to West Caicos for a long time. John and I had been there once with Catch Ride but it was a long,wet and bouncy ride even though it was a perfect boating day. We set out with hopes to see dolphins and whales. We saw a few blows on our way out but didn't hang with them. When the Island starts coming into view you can see a cluster of buildings. As you get closer you see it's a beautiful resort. The resort like many others never opened up usually due to a money related problem. After looking at the really nice resort, we explored the harbor they dredged for whatever boats they were hoping would be bringing people over.  We then started cruising the coast where all the great dive locations are. The wall is very near the coast so the dive buoys are right off the shore. What an amazing  place to come for a diver if they ever finish the resort and get it open. We found a pod of five dolphins. They were just fine with me traveling along with them but they were very deep most of the time. One calf did come up to get a closer look at me! I think I recognized one dorsal that I'd seen on the South Side. One dolphin was intent on tugging  at what looked like a piece of Finger coral. You will see him hovering above it. He was pulling  on it, swimming away then coming back to try to pull it free again. On the way home just as the sun was setting, we saw more blows and as we pulled up they dove in tandem showing us two tails side by side.

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