Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi All,
As some of you may know a huge front just came through leaving the seas rough for a few days. Today however was totally flat until the end of the day.
We found JoJo first thing in the am. He was alone in front of Beaches. As you can see, he has sustained two cuts that are starting to heal.
After leaving JoJo we motored to the end of Pine Cay where we had found a whale the first day we were here. My brother's colleague had lent me a hydrophone and we dropped it in the water after the whale dove. He was singing loudly! Today we found a whale in the same place and we again used the hydrophone. This time we could here some sort of whale chatting faintly in the distance!!
Later in the day we found a mother and calf in the really murky water at the end of Fort George Cay. They were joined by JoJo and Raggedy Ann. I'm quite sure the mom and calf was Julia and Frisky. JoJo was instrumental as always in putting me right in the middle of the pod. Before he showed up, I couldn't get very close to Julia and Frisky.

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