Monday, March 26, 2018

JoJo and Snipper

Hi All, The wind has shifted to the East making boating on the North side nice again. Unfortunately the blow that came through for the last few days left the water very murky in most places. We are heading out with David and Emily his wife who are hoping to see JoJo. We pass out the channel and I'm relieved to see fairly flat water. After making the usual tour of Grace Bay, we head up to Pine Cay. I hear a distinctive bird call and look up to see a Tropic Bird soaring high in the air. It's magnificent tail stretched out behind, glimmering white against the blue sky. We are all watching as more birds join in until there are eight Tropic Birds all soaring above us. What a great way to start the day!
As they are making their way to the cliffs to pick out their nesting spots, we head off in search of dorsals. It has been working for us to stop along the sand bar between Fort George and Pine Cay. I'm hoping our luck will hold and a dolphin will come along. Our luck holds! JoJo is heading to our boat with Snipper not far behind. I get in and swim in the opaque water trying to follow the dolphins. JoJo sonars a big catamaran yacht and follows it over to the beach near the Meridian Club. Snipper and I wait around knowing JoJo will be back after checking out the boat. Sure enough JoJo appears in his usual stealth fashion. This scenario unfolds numerous times. Of late he seems to prefer the fancy big boats! Snipper and I in the mean time have a nice long swim with me losing him occasionally in the murky water while we wait for JoJo. A few boats start coming by to look at Snipper of course thinking it's JoJo. One boat let swimmers in which drove Snipper and I farther out toward the reef where its slightly more clear. I see a big turtle deep under me and swim down to take a closer look. JoJo comes back again and both dolphins disappear into the murk toward Fort George with JoJo this time in the wake of a Zodiac. We head out past the reef for a nice snorkel where the water is crystal clear. I figure we might see the dolphins heading back toward Grace Bay when we finish snorkeling but we don't. However see them as are starting to turn into Leeward towards the marina, a boat Captain signals that he's seen a dolphin. Off we go past onto Grace bay where I see JoJo and Snipper. JoJo wants to get in our wake, so we take him as far as Seven Stars leaving Snipper behind. The water, other than Sargasso floating around is very clear. I get in and JoJo is staring at our propellor as if willing it to go! He then comes to me and opens his mouth. I think he's showing me something. All I can see is that his front teeth look really worn down. I will send pic to Mark the island Vet and see if he sees something else. JoJo swims off and we return to the marina. David and Emily pretty much spent the day with dolphins with some Tropic Birds thrown in!

JoJo and Snippper Is JoJo's Mouth Bothering Him? from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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