Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Finally Found Bo and Scooter

Hi All, After not finding Bo and Scooter since I returned, I was imagining the worst! We set out early didn't find JoJo and traveled to Northwest Point hoping to hear a whale with our hydrophone. I have invited Richard Connor down to meet the dolphins and for the last two weeks we havent seen Bo or Scooter and JoJo isn't staying with our boat as much. Oh great, what if he comes here and I can't find a dolphin! Richard has done a very long study of the dolphins in Shark Bay Australia. There are many, many dolphins there and they have some amazing alliances politics going on between groups. He has documented this in a book called "Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay". He really knows his stuff! We are scheduled to pick up Richard at 2:30 at the airport. So after going to Northwest Point and not seeing anything but the occasional piece of trash (which we picked up diligently hoping to create good Karma), we headed to Pine Cay. I'm thinking of telling Richard "at least it's warm and pretty here even if we can't find a dolphin!" The Parrot Cay boat comes by and tells us he has seen the two dolphins a few days ago. Major phew! We start heading back toward the marina to tie up Spy Hop and to the airport when John spots two dolphins. You have no idea how happy I was to see these familar dorsals! I get a chance to swim with Bo and Scooter making our time really tight getting to the airport. When I tell you John floored it the whole way, I'm not kidding. We not only made it in time but but brought Richard back for a quick turn around in the condo then back on the water. We even found Bo and Scooter again. Must have been all that trash pick up karma!!!

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