Thursday, November 22, 2012

A day in the life of JoJo

Success even with pretty big waves we found JoJo. We had looked all over Grace Bay and were returning to Leeward when I saw him heading toward our boat. He wanted a ride toward Pine Cay.
First Reef Peepers tried to steal him away after I graciously pointed that he was in our wake!!JoJo however choose to stay with us but shortly there after branched out toward the reef. I got in and we swam together for awhile he was following me I get the feeling he wants to use my drag affect! He then went to the back of our boat indicating he wanted a ride again sooo off we went. The waves down the coast in front of Pine Cay were pretty big making it a rough ride. When we got opposite The Meridian Club which is almost at the end of Pine Cay he branched off again. An Ocean Vibes boat was there and he went over and swam a bit behind their boat as if he wanted a ride from then (opportunistic dolphin) However he didn't follow them when they drove off instead he went out toward the reef and fished.I got in even though it was so murky I couldn't see my own feet never mind where JoJo was going when he dove deep. I would hang there for 3 or 4 minutes and he would surface with a loud PFFFF right beside me! He eventually made his way farther out toward the reef where the waves were seriously large. I got back in Catch Ride our boat and we followed along trying to keep track of where he was fishing between the big rollers. At one point John got caught off balance and there was a loud crash as he fell. Luckily he only got some bruises. We lost sight of him with all the excitement. I figured he might end up in the channel between  Fort George and Dellis Cay but he didn't show up. As we turned to go back down the coast I saw Ariel a pretty catamaran charter sail boat. I figured he might be there he loves to scratch on their big anchor line. As I'm thinking this, we get a radio call from Claude Ariel's Captain telling us JoJo is with them! I knew it!Claude had helped us with our boat when we were having engine problems last Xmas day. I had then given him one of my books "JoJo and Me" When we got there  JoJo was happily swimming up and down the anchor line scratching away. He heard our boat and swam over toward us. I got in and we had a nice swim I wanted to take him back to Ariel as it would have been pretty rude after Claude called us to take him off however JoJo pretty much goes where he wants! as luck would have it JoJo decided to go back to the anchor line for more scratching. There were all kinds of swimmers in the water JoJo just kept swimming up and down the anchor line pretty much oblivious to all the poeple watching him.It may have been no big deal for him but John over heard one girl say it was the best experience of her life. he wanted me to see the anchor which was right near a big rock not sure if he thought that was a problem or just wanted me to see the anchor. Eventually he and I headed out toward the reef as we were going along I looked up to see the tug towing a huge barge I figured JoJo would have to check that out and off he went to do just that. I got in catch ride and the tug Captain was pointing in front of his tug where JoJo was surfing the bow wave!

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