Sunday, November 18, 2012

today was the first really nice day down here (not that any day in T and C isn't great). We took our boat from the marina out the south side which was totally flat. We found 5 dolphins none of which did I know. It seems the dolphins that are out front don't mix with the dolphins that are out back! Just speculation. We watched them fish for a long time because there was no wind and it was so flat you could hear them surface and breath pffff. The harder they fished the loader their PFFFFF. There were two dolphins quite close they appeared to be playing catch with a fish as we saw it hurtling threw the air between them!! At times a needle fish would come out of the water vertically and scoot for a good 50 yards at the surface of the water sometimes with a dolphin in hot pursuit.
At the end of the day we were in front of Fort George Cay when I saw a dolphin coming our way!! It was JoJo however after a brief visit he was off on a mission. I think he just came by the boat to say a quick Hi but he had another agenda at the moment! so glad to see him so glad he's ok.

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