Monday, November 26, 2012

We head home today but got some nice time with JoJo yesterday. the water is still very rough but getting better. I suppose it will be great as soon as we leave!.We found him out in front of Coral Gardens. He came to our boat and took a ride to Smith Reef where he branched off and I got in and had a nice long swim with him. First he was following me and we went along the coast then he came beside me and I free dove with him so fun! Eventually he sped up and I got back in the boat. He fell in behind Catch Ride and stayed behind the boat all the way til we were out in front of Pine Cay where  he wanted to fish almost in the same place as the other day.The water was very deep and murky where he fished. He left us not sure whether he went out past reef  or some where else.He can be a stealth dolphin!
 He was doing a lot of echo locating when I was in with him I think he's trying to see if his friends are around. I was hoping he would meet up with the mother and calf we saw when we first got here.

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