Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Great Greeting

Hi All,
As I look down from our plane, I see there are no white caps. I'm thinking, "How long will it take us to get out on that water"! It's early afternoon as we touch down, the temp is 86 and Tina's Taxi is waiting to take us to Ocean Club. We drive along Leeward Highway and I see that the Lignum Vitae trees are all in bloom. They have brilliant blue flowers. We get to our condo, grab the essentials then off to The Shipyard where I drop off John so he can motor around to Blue Haven and pick me up. We're off!
We go out Leeward Channel turn down Grace Bay partially because there is a huge dark cloud but mainly because Flipper Lady has been keeping me updated on dolphin sightings in front of her resort!
We see a dorsal in front of Seven Stars. It isn't JoJo and who ever it is, is darting all over fishing. Then we think we see another dorsal! Whoever they, they are fishing and moving all over. When one settles down, we motor over and I get in to find Raggedy Ann who graciously swims slowly so I can follow along. Zoom!! Who's this flying up to me! JoJo appears so suddenly I didn't see him coming. He gives me perhaps the best greeting ever. All I can think is how can I leave this dolphin for eight months when this trip is over.
He swims off slowly then picks up speed to go find Raggedy Ann (RA). I get back in Spy Hop and John tells me he watched JoJo come flying up to greet me:). Not to be a sap but, it's a pretty great feeling!
We find JoJo and RA and as I get ready to climb back in the water, a tour boat barges in and one of the crew leaps in the water (soft landings are better). Needless to say RA and JoJo disappeared for quite awhile. We are looking around when JoJo surfaces right beside us! RA has had enough of humans and is no where to be seen. JoJo wants my company and I can't wait to join him. Some friends of ours are watching the whole thing from their boat. They have a really nice dog on board. I'm hoping I can make the introduction but I couldn't convince JoJo that he should go to their boat and meet Oscar! We go off for a nice swim over a coral reef where there all lots of fish. I see a really nice ballon fish which I thought you could see in the video clip. Unfortunately, it was behind JoJo and I didn't get it in the frame. You will see how great his gash looks. A true testament to the healing power of dolphins. A para-sail boat has come by to see JoJo. We give them a quick hello as we swim by it . Now we are back at Spy Hop with JoJo right at the stern. It means JoJo would like a ride somewhere. I climb in and off we go with JoJo in our wake. All is right in the world!

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