Monday, March 30, 2015

JoJo Swimming around Sea Dancer

Hi All,
The weather turned nasty yesterday and we came in early enabling me to catch up so here's what I did.
This clip is from Saturday the day  I swam with JoJo as he circled around and around the big motor yacht Sea Dancer. Toward the end of the clip JoJo was following me to Spy Hop. It's really hard to swim forwards while filming backwards! Please keep that in mind as you watch!
I also spent most of the night with apple to figure out how to get video from camera to iMovie so I could put JoJo leaping to music and here's the result!


  1. Rolling with joy he simply wants to play with you his friend. Perfect conditions for filming. Thanks for sharing the happiness!

  2. How fun and beautiful - great job with the music!