Sunday, March 29, 2015

There is NO doubt JoJo is healed and Frisky as Ever

Hi All,
The weather has given us a gift! There is almost no wind and the sea is flat. We are heading out of Leeward and starting the search for dorsals when I see a large dark shape in the water. I get in to investigate. I see a rather large gorgeous manta ray in front of me. I swim slowly behind as it slowly flaps it's massive wings up and down. The longer I stay the slower it goes. It knows I'm not a threat and starts to sway back and forth slowly in front of me and I imitate by swerving back and forth behind it. We are doing a sort of underwater dance. Occasionally it turns to look at me with it's big round eyes and Star Trek sort of head. I got to have this dance for a long time until a dive boat came by, curious why we were stopped.
We then start cruising up and down the coast in search of dolphins. Once again we see Tropic birds soaring way above us as we were traveling along beside the cliffs of Pine Cay.
It's now the middle of the day and no dolphins. I see a friend of ours boat (Oscar's boat). They have a film crew on board with Dean Bernal. They are also looking for JoJo. The plan is to do a show with 5 friendships that are out of the ordinary. JoJo is one of them. Dean is the person who originally figured out that JoJo wanted to be friendly with people but didn't want them to touch him. He was the first person to have a long relationship with JoJo. I'm hoping that they will include me as a sort of wrap up of who JoJo is friends with now. We motor over and they ask us if we've seen JoJo. On a perfectly flat day one would think it would be easy to spot a dorsal!
I call Flipper Lady to see if she's seen JoJo from her condo that over looks Grace Bay. She hasn't seen any dolphins either. We swing by and pick her up since I know she is obsessed by seeing JoJo. After traveling all over Grace Bay we head back up to Pine Cay and there he is entertaining a big yacht. I get in and have a very long swim with him. I was able to entice him away from this boat and come over to Spy Hop long enough for Flipper Lady to get a short swim with him. When this boat took up their anchor JoJo followed along in their wake and we motored along with them. They were having a Birth Day celebration with champagne and balloons. Not bad to have a dolphin join your B'day party! When they sped up the fun began!!! JoJo came to us and fell in behind us. Then two other boats came by with boat captains I know. When the boats came really close it formed a big wake and JoJo performed some aerial acrobatics. Please ignore all the whooping, clapping and carrying on. We got pretty excited. JoJo of course is the ultimate showman!
please go to U Tube my video was too long!

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