Friday, January 29, 2016

Come Fish With Me

Hi All,
We had a nice day with some much appreciated brilliant sunshine. A few boat captains told us JoJo was swimming by the resorts. We caught up with him outside of Ocean Club. As soon as I got in he did a nice barrel roll then started crater fishing with a vengeance.  He finds these little white fish that hide in the sand. There are lots of them in front of certain resorts along Grace Bay. As you look at the video you will see JoJo has sustained another small cut. It's about an inch long and is located just in front of his right pec. It looks like the same type of cut that is just below his dorsal on the same side. Luckily these cuts will heal quickly. Dolphins have an amazing ability to heal as we witnessed last winter. There are studies being done to determine if we can learn from their healing process.
As we swim along JoJo looks at me and I wonder if he's wondering when I'll learn to crater fish:)

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