Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nothing Like A great Roll

Hi All,
This is the 5th day we haven't found JoJo. I usually tell my friends that want to meet him they need 5 days out on our boat to be sure we can find him. Yesterday, we hardly looked and went all over outside the reef trying to find a whale. Instead we found the huge pod of spotted dolphins. Today we are looking in all JoJo's favorite haunts.
As we pass the tour boats coming onto Grace Bay with loads of tourists, they start waving and pointing. We head in the direction they are pointing but still can't find any dolphins. Finally, we spot a dorsal right at Grace Point. Just as he heads toward our boat, one of Kenard's huge catamaran motor boats comes by and JoJo goes over:( They however sped off faster than JoJo likes. We continuing searching thinking he might be around. We still can't find him.  I notice another tour boat stopped and figure he was there. As we pull up a dolphin traffic jam has ensued. After some of the boat jostling calms down, I get in to see if he wants to go for a swim. He takes me out toward the reef away from all the boat traffic then slows down. John pulls up with Spy Hop and drops anchor. JoJo has some long scratches swimming up and down our anchor line, twirling around to reach every part of his body. He then goes into sleep mode where he slowly circles our boat for a long time. He must have had an active night. Perhaps he was fishing or socializing. Dolphins are able to rest 1/2 of their brain while the other 1/2 keeps an eye out for predators and tells him when to breath. Unlike us dolphins are voluntary breathers. They must be awake to decide when to breath where we are involuntary breathers and don't have to think about it. I think that is just amazing and wish we would evolve in such a way that we could work while we napped!! I have gotten a little cold and have climbed in the boat to watch. JoJo starts making bigger and bigger circles still returning to the boat and the anchor line. Eventually he wakes up and is heading off slowly. That's our cue! We pull the anchor and start the JoJo taxi service. He gets in our wake and our first stop is Parrot Cay where he does a little fishing in front of the Parrot Cay Resort. Then he wants a ride back past Pine Cay and all the way to Provo and the front of Beaches. In the mean time, tour boats are coming right along side to give their passengers a look at the famous JoJo. Clapping, cheering and laughter for each time he surfaces to breath. One lady said "Ok, that's it I've seen JoJo now I can go home!!"One lady asked if he was my pet! I had another lady ask if I owned him. Yikes!! In case anyone's wondering he is a wild but sociable dolphin! Finally we get to Beaches and JoJo branches off to do some awesome rolling in the sand. I'm swimming along with him when we come across a wind surfer who has fallen and can't get up. She is having a lesson and the instructor is in a motor boat. He is trying to tell her there is a dolphin swimming beside her. She just couldn't get it. JoJo I swear loves these moments. Eventually I get in and we take JoJo to Leeward where he peels off and we decide after 6 hours of taking him where ever he wants that it was time to go in ourselves!

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