Tuesday, January 26, 2016

JoJo Looking For friends on the South Side

Hi All,
Just to catch up, the seas have been really rough for quite a few days. Yesterday, we headed off to French Cay with the hopes of seeing a whale. (redid not:( ) On our return we braved Grace Bay where the sea was still rough. JoJo came to our boat right outside of Ocean Club and wanted a ride toward Turtle Cove. We passed Smith Reef and he branched off and disappeared.
Today, we headed out early and he was right at Leeward waiting. He wanted to go out the South Side again! The weather is still really unsettled. He of course was heading right toward a big black cloud bank. After hanging around Bird Rock at the other end of Leeward Channel, he wanted to go due south just like before. We went even farther this time past where Sponge Bob was. He kept branching but didn't find anyone. We finally lost sight of him. I included a video. The
 little speck of brown is the end of Provo! The big black cloud was following us! Watch carefully in the wake and you'll see JoJo branch off. That was when he disappeared.   I did a panorama so you could see how finding JoJo can be a challenge:). The good part was he had brought us to the only sunshine anywhere in the Turks and Caicos Islands!https://vimeo.com/153142358

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