Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's Show Time

Hi All,
Can't wait to see JoJo after a few days off Island! I'm hoping to see some others as well. We have friends that have gone out on Big Blue and they are dying to see JoJo. My mission is to find him and hail them! We find him after our first pass down Grace Bay. We did radio Big Blue and our friends got a chance to have a brief swim with JoJo.  In the middle of the day, after going to Parrot Cay and back, he was milling around. I was hoping it was because he wanted to meet someone. It was! Raggedy Ann showed up in front of Coral House and joined JoJo on the way to Leeward. At one point they came together then split up. JoJo opted for a ride from us to Pine Cay and Raggedy Ann went off on her own.  JoJo stayed with us all day. He must have missed his taxi service! Hope you like the video. You'll notice his cuts are healing quite well.  I also videoed a typical tour boat meeting!

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