Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pod of Bottlenose Dolphins at French Cay

Hi All,
Apparently there is a big front coming toward Turks and Caicos. The big waves and high water has already hit, the rest is due to arrive on Friday and Saturday.
I have a guest here from home who would of course really like to see JoJo. She has swum with him before from my first boat Catch Ride. She went off to look at the water in front of Ocean Club and came back to report monster waves and water coming up the steps to the Cabana Bar.  We eat the majority of our meals overlooking the water at the Cabana Bar.
The water is still however pretty flat out the South Side so we head out hoping to find Sponge Bob. It appears we need JoJo's help however because we don't see any dorsals all the way to French Cay.
As we approach the island which is a bird sanctuary a Frigate bird soars high above us. From the white on his breast, he appears to be a juvenile.  Soon we are seeing Brown Noddys and terns also soaring over head in search of food. These are all pelagic birds who are here only to have their babies before they head back over the ocean where they spend their lives.
I notice a dive boat slowing down as it is leaving French Cay then circling. Sure sign they have spotted something. We head over to find what looks like five or six dolphins. When I get in I find more like 12 dolphins.
Eventually the pod moves off and I get into the boat. We come across another pod which are probably part of the big pod. This smaller group has two mothers and calves and one adult maybe an aunt traveling together. The two calves came right toward our boat and I get in. They are curious but  return to their mothers after looking at me.
With any luck we will be able to go out again tomorrow but for sure only on the South Side. I need JoJo my guide to find his friends but it will be to rough to go to our meeting place.

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