Friday, February 19, 2016

More Whizzer!!!!!

Hi All,
We know the weather is supposed to kick up today so an early start is key. My boat is filled with friends so the pressure is on to see cetaceans. Everyone wants to see JoJo. After our usual JoJo loop, we head out past the reef to check for whales. As we are dropping the hydrophone in, we get a call from a boat Captain. He is at Leeward and there are dolphins. We coil up the hydrophone cord and John goes full speed ahead outside the reef to the Leeward cut. Once inside we find the two ladies and Whizzer. I'm so so so happy to see him with only a few days left of our trip. My passengers are delighted to see him play with me.
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<p><a href="">More Whizzer Feb 18th 2016</a> from <a href="">Jay Sargent</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

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More Whizzer Feb 18th 2016
This video is a bit long but I just couldn't cut any more. I always hope one of these calves will be like JoJo when they grow up and he sure has the makings!
We follow them again down Pine Cay then decide to go across the reef. It's still flat but there is a huge black cloud heading our way.We see a tour boat way past the reef. John keeps his eye on it and it pays off. A whale blows right in front of it.The rains approaching at a furious pace and we decide to head in for a quick lunch and return when the rain has passed. We head out after lunch and go to the same area. The whale is still there! Kristen, John and our guests get in while I drive the boat, (someone has    to!) They swim along with a whale who is young, probably two to three years old. It's big (35' - 40') but will eventually grow to almost 55'. It looks like the same whale lie swam with yesterday. They are with him for a fabulous 45 mins before he sinks into the depths and slowly swims off.

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