Sunday, January 29, 2017

Great Cetacean Day

Hi All, We are down to our last day for January. It is drop dead gorgeous. Hardly any wind, sun's shining brightly and I'm really warm! We are making our usual loop past the resorts. I'm determined to find my friends before we leave. As we pass by The Sands, I see a big splash. Without a doubt that would be Whizzer performing some sort of aerial feat. As I slip in the water, he comes right up to greet me. Can you think of a better way to start the day? He plays around then takes me to Bo. It was too far for my camera to take but there was a ray swimming along the bottom. As Whizzer approached, it took off like a shot pumping it's wings. When Whizzer got to Bo he stopped chasing the ray. Necropsies have shown the barbed tails of rays in dolphin stomachs. I was glad he didn't pursue the ray! A few tour boats came by to see the dolphins but the dolphins didn't take much interest in them. The only one Bo really checked out was "Kitty Katt" the huge catamaran sail boat of Beaches that was on it's mooring. There unfortunately weren't any people to admire her. She was sonaring as she looked at and under it. I wonder if she was looking in that area to find JoJo. JoJo spends a lot of time crater fishing around Beaches and occasionally sleeps around "Kitty Katt". I haven't seen him since the front came through Monday night causing high winds and big waves. As Bo and Whizzer swam off, Whizzer nurses which happens so quickly it's hard to get on film.

Bo and Whizzer who takes the Opportunity To Nurse from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

After losing sight of Bo and Whizzer, we continue the hunt for JoJo. I want to see him before I leave. We go back to Leeward and I notice a few boats to the left of where they snorkel - unusual. John looks out and sees a huge breach! We head out with the speed of light. However unlike the day before where we actually saw two whales breach simultaneously, we only saw a few blows. They usually blow three times then sink down for about twenty minutes which can seem like an eternity! If they aren't doing anything fun like breaching, tail slapping or pec waving, I classify them as boring whales. Of course this guy already breached! Maybe the tour boats drove him off? We only see three blows once we got out there. As we start back toward the reef to continue looking for JoJo, I see a dorsal. We have come upon a big pod of bottlenose dolphins. I get in and a few of them come to check out the human. Once I get back in the boat we give them a bow ride. A few of them really enjoy it. Other than not finding JoJo it has been a spectacular day with stunningly perfect water. We will be back in seven days to continue our cetacean adventures!

Dolphins Checking out Human from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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