Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whizzer and The Pod

Hi All, The winds are changing around to the Southwest. Apparently there is some weather moving in. After a quick look past the reef for any spouts we head past the resorts. I'm thinking JoJo may want a ride if he's back by himself. There is no sign of him on Grace Bay and it's clouding up. Per usual we decide on a trip to our favorite dining area in the channel between Dellis Cay and Fort George Cay. I like to watch the pair of osprey that soar over head looking for fish. They usually land on a corner of one of the abandoned buildings. They have made a perch over looking the water at the very corner edge of roof. This is an abandoned building project. Rumor has it that the company started building a huge complex with spectacular views of the ocean. A number units were units on spec then someone took the money and ran! It was rumored that Michael Douglass and Katherine Zeta Jones bought one. The ospreys now have the run of the island. The wind is continuing to rise, clouds are moving in and we are both feeling a little cold. We're thinking maybe an early day is a good thing. We head out and back down the gorgeous coast of Pine Cay with its long expanse of white beaches beckoning. I seriously hardly ever take my eyes off the water but the beach is amazing with a few casuarina trees. As I'm watching the beautiful blue water thinking about all the things I can get done at the condo, I see a dorsal. As we approach the dorsal turns into two and they are heading our way! I slip in. The visibility is next to zero. I wait looking around above the water. Whizzer greets me by circling at speed then darts off. I'm once again looking above the water hoping to see a dorsal. Pretty soon I see four dorsals surface right near me and I hear the pfffs all around me as they exhale then draw in fresh air. This is my favorite sound in the world. They sink down and I'm alone again watching for dorsals. Not for long. Whizzer comes by showing off his many tail slaps and spy hops. The dolphins are hardly traveling anywhere. They just keep coming up near me. I have the occasional collision because I can't see where they are. Bo, JoJo and Lemon Lips are so serene as they swim slowly along they hardly seem to notice as Whizzer darts all around them. He rubs into them occasionally opens his mouth and brushes them. Then tail slaps in their faces. Their patience and serenity is admirable. JoJo and Lemon Lips occasionally come close. I think they like it when Whizzer plays with me and gives them a break! I hate leaving them but I'm getting cold and tired. As I climb back in Spy Hop I watch them slowly making their way toward the reef past Pine Cay.

Whizzer and The Pod from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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