Friday, January 27, 2017

Whizzer Has Quite The day!

Hi All, The water has calmed down enough for us to go out on Grace Bay. We find Bo and Whizzer out in front of Beaches. That area is always very clear no matter how windy it's been. I was able to get so much good video that I really haven't even had time to go through it all! Will get to the rest later and include it. When we pulled up, Whizzer came right over as I got in the water. He porpoised a few times and swam around me. Bo his mom chased him around a lot with her mouth open. She never touches him with her teeth. I'm not sure whether she's warning him not to be such a smart ass which he clearly is or something else! Whizzer seems fascinated with the branching coral. After swimming through it, he looks like he'd like to wear it! He also spent a long time looking and biting some coral. Later he has some coral in his mouth. He raises his head above the water and tosses it backwards over his head grabs it again and keeps repeating it! He is creating many ways to play with all that energy. He was his usual friendly self with me but got more rambunctious where he flicked his fluke almost in my face a few times. I think he was just playing. Bo came up to me and hung vertically and clicked loudly with a new click I hadn't heard before. I'm sure she was trying to communicate something. I wish I knew what. After she did that she let me swim right beside her so I don't think she was telling me to get lost. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with this but soon after Whizzer was feeling very randy. In the past he has rubbed himself against JoJo and Lemon Lips. He came right up to me and displayed but didn't try to rub. Dolphins are very sex oriented from an early age. Dolphins have been known to get sexually aggressive with humans. I hope he doesn't get too aggressive about it with me! They followed a route JoJo takes past Smith Reef and far out into Crystal Bay. We were in sight of the Northwest Point Resort when we lost them as they crossed a reef that we had to travel around. I was in with them around Smith Reef and Whizzer was having fun chasing a fish around a large coral head. They don't follow in the wake like JoJo but they keep coming back to the boat as if to check on us. Maybe they like the company and maybe they just hope I'll get in again!

Bo and Whizzer a mother and calf bottlenose dolphin playing with branching coral from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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