Thursday, December 27, 2018

Lemon Lips makes another visit

Hi All, JoJo made quite a hit with all the tour boats Xmas day. He went in everyone's wake. He really was hoping to swim with people on hydrofoils. It seems a lot of boats have them. I suppose I may have to get one, too. My old hang onto the anchor as the boat pulls me along just isn't as fun for JoJo as someone going all over as the hydrofoil is made to do. Seeing he wasn't really interested in staying in our boring wake, we went off to look for Bo and Scooter. As we motor past, Pine Cay and in front of Dellis Cay I see two, better yet three dorsals. We approach and they start heading toward us. I put on my wetsuit and get in the clear water. I am hoping my brandy new camera that our friend Tricia brought down is working. I see Lemon Lips swimming with Bo and Scooter. He and Bo are so affectionate. Bo is snuggling, stroking and playing flipper footsie. As she swims upside down by Lemon Lips, I get a chance to see her cut that looks like it is healing well. Scooter is all over, between them, back to visit me and snuggling with his big brother. Scooter starts whistling short, high pitched whistles that sound somewhat like a bird. When he drops back whistling the others turn to watch. (be sure to turn upp your volumne to hear this!)

Bo Scooter and Lemon Lips from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Lemon Lips has really grown a lot. He is about seven years old now. You can see his distinguishing fluke with the slit on the right side. He seems to want to swim with me. We swim off, side by side. You might not want your kids to see the end of this clip! He displays and it's impressive.

Lemon Lips X rated from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

We go back to the others. Male dolphins can get aggressive with female swimmers but he, as always, is a gentleman. Tour boats are starting to come by and Scooter sees this as an opportunity to show off. She darts all around them surfacing, tail slapping and spy hoping. They are now in the channel where the current is really strong. I think they were hoping to find fish but there doesn't seem to be any around. The wind is supposed to get kick up for the next few days and I am about to make a short trip home. How lucky am I to see them today!

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