Friday, December 21, 2018

Please stay in Longer!

Hi All, First, to catch up on JoJo. He's been taking rides for short distances between the cuts in the reef. He is very distraught with the remora. He tail slaps and does cork screw leaps out of the wake. Mark, the island vet, says the remora isn't doing any harm to JoJo it's just a nuisance. This morning we aren't finding JoJo so we go up to Pine Cay with hopes of finding Bo and Scooter. It's blowing pretty hard today making the water really murky. I admit to sleeping most of the trip due to a bit of partying the night before! I am wide awake however as we get to Pine Cay and think I see a dorsal in the distance. I see not one but two! As always, they are happy to have me swim with them even though I can't see a darn thing! I do notice when swimming right beside Bo that she has two lumps with jagged edges under her rostrum. I'm wondering if someone bit her? Maybe she got cut while crater fishing? I'm hoping the salt water will help repair them. The wind is really howling making for wavy water, murky but, worse for me IT'S COLD when I get out! Scooter and Bo stay with our boat for over four hours. I did a short video of them trying to entice me back in the water:)

Please come back in from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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