Friday, February 7, 2020

JoJo Snoozes

Hi All, We come out of the marina a little late. Most of the boats are already off to pick up tourists. I notice the osprey nest is way smaller this year. There is the usual type of junk hanging over the sides. It looks like an Ocean Conservancy add for beach clean up.Ospreys mate for life and I hope they are both okay. We head out Leeward Cut and head down Grace Bay. As we approach Beaches resort we notice an anchored sail boat by the name of Beauford. John spots a dorsal swimming around it. I get in and find JoJo in sleep mode going around and around the boat. Dolphins can rest 1/2 their brain while the other half watches out for predators (or tourists!). This is always a good time for me to hang with JoJo. His gash is already improving. He actually has three gashes side by side. JoJo swims around for over two hours. Boats, kayakers and swimmers all come to see him. The Captain wants to sail to Turtle Cove and wonders how that will effect JoJo. I tell him to go ahead I figure JoJo will go along with him. They head to Turtle Cove and the captain drops anchor before entering the channel. We go off to see what's new in the harbor. As we come out JoJo takes a ride in our wake back to Grace Bay. We decide to keep trying to find Bo and Scooter and head to Pine Cay.

JoJo Sleeping from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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