Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Oh Happy Days

Hi All, John and I made it down here after a year of medical issues. We only get three weeks before I have to return to the hospital so, I plan to make the most of it!!!! We head out and start traveling up and down the coast looking for dorsals. I know it's my first day out but we only have three weeks and I'm dying to see JoJo. Last season, he seemed distracted by a remora that would not leave him alone. I'm hoping the remora will be gone and that he'll be more interested in swimming with me. We've been out all day with no luck. It's been windy and cloudy but we carry on. As we approach Leeward, I suggest one more trip to Pine Cay. I have a feeling that JoJo might be there toward the end of the day. I put on my wetsuit just in case. The water is murky and its hard to see anything. Suddenly, JoJo pops up at the bow and glides under the boat. I hurry into my snorkle gear and climb in. He comes right up. Due to all the wind the water is incredibly murky. If he is more than an arms length away I can't see him. He took a close look to be sure it was me! I noticed he had a fresh cut on his left side. He followed me for a while then swam ahead indicating he wanted a faster ride. I swam to the boat and we gave him a ride to Grace Bay. I'm a very happy and lucky person to come to Turks and in our first afternoon find this wonderful dolphin that I've known for over twenty years.

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