Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Hi All, Finally found them!!!! We look up and down the coast and as we reach the end of Pine Cay, John spots two dorsals. I was getting so worried I wouldn’t see them before we had to go home. The water is really murky and it takes me a while to locate them underwater. There is no doubt however, that this is Scooter and Bo. So great to see them and they seem to feel the same way. Boats start arriving to watch. Some are respectful others barge right in and sometimes over them. I had heard rumors that a young dolphin was very friendly and people were getting way too pushy with it. There’s no doubt this was Scooter. She was very friendly with the swimmers that got in the water. I wish the boat Captains would warn against touching and getting too aggressive before something goes wrong. JoJo originally was also friendly until some jerk was rumored to stick a beer bottle down his blowhole. He in retaliation started biting and slapping people with his tail if they got too close. They all eventually left and Bo and Scooter had a long session of flipper footsie as if Bo was saying there, there every thing is okay! you can see she is a female by the formation of a division mark where her mammelary glands are.

Bo and Scooter 2020 from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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