Tuesday, December 11, 2012

John and I arrive with much more energy than our last trip. All I can think about is seeing JoJo. I have worried for almost a year about whether I'd ever see Lemon Lips again.
We start out from Caicos Marina where our boat, "Catch Ride" is waiting. We travel through Leeward and head toward Grace Point visiting various large sail boats that appear to have arrived for the holidays and are moored out front. I make it a practice to ask all the new arrivals if they have seen any dolphins. We visit a huge yacht and one of the crew reports he saw a single dolphin the day before. My hopes are up!!!
As we head past Grace Point, John spots a dorsal. He's heading our way!! Not one dorsal but five!!! JoJo comes right to the boat. I get in and we have a nice nose to rostrum greeting. He then leads me to the others. It's Lemon Lips! He's grown a bit and has a nick or two but still has yellow lips. He swims around me and I see bubbles coming out is blow hole which means he is giving his signature whistle. The others are there too; Bo as perfect as ever, Raggedy Ann and B.B. Tip. At times the calves  swim together and the mom's go off. At times I get to swim with them all. I go right behind the mom's and calves, staying in between both sets. JoJo stays near sometimes behind and sometimes beside me. There's a Hobie Cat that sees them and sails over. Of course they get in the way and sail right over all of them. My pod experience comes to an end. We follow along as they head slowly toward Pine Cay. It's starting to get late and even though I was hoping to see them get to the end of Pine Cay and perhaps meet up with Piney, we decide to head home.
How great is this, coming all the way from RI to find a wild dolphin, finding him the first day and reconnecting with my pod friends.

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