Friday, November 28, 2014

A Happy Happy T Day

Hi All,
It's a gorgeous TCI day as we leave Leeward. We are setting out really early because I've been stewing all night about the fact that someone saw a large dolphin (JoJo) and two small dolphins (calves) playing in front of The Sands while we were someplace else. One of them spy hopped to look in a boat that was watching. First, how did we miss them?!  Second, I hope he was looking for ME!
As we slowly travel by Beaches, a dolphin on his side zooms under us at speed. He can apparently hold his breath forever because although we look for him, we never see him again.
Just, as we are finishing another "dolphin loop"around the bay, we see JoJo hanging out just past Coral House. I whip out my gear, get in the water and swim over. He's very interactive and rather playful. After we swim together for a while, he spots the ski boat and gets in the wake as they make big circles with a little rubber raft being dragged behind. There is so much activity that JoJo is drawing a lot of attention. By now, there are at least seven tour boats all coming to watch the famous JoJo. It's great to see he's still frisky and playing with humans. After a little more showing off, he starts heading in the direction of Turtle Cove. John makes a pass by him to see if he's ready for a ride. He is!
Off we go with various tour boats coming along side to watch him surf in our wake. Beaches biggest snorkel boat, "Cat 54" has a boat load of very young kids who can barely see over the side. They are all smooched together on their tip toes cheering wildly whenever JoJo surfaces.
After traveling down to Turtle Cove then back to the end of Pine Cay, JoJo wants a snack. Today, he seems to want me with him as he echo-locates along the bottom swinging his head back and forth. Sometimes he swims on his side. He glances back to see if I'm still there, then plunges his rostrum deep in the sand coming up with a Jaw Fish hanging out of his mouth. Just as I'm thinking how lucky I am to go crater fishing with a dolphin, he travels out toward the reef where he meets two more dolphins. After a happy greeting with much circling and rolling together, I catch up. JoJo swims around behind me and follows me as I go to meet the other dolphins.
One I've never seen before. The other I think is  "Whitey". I met him last year and remember him because of the distinctive white mark on his dorsal. He comes to look at me as if to say, "I remember you, too".   I notice he now has a big scar running horizontally at the base of his trunk, just in front of his fluke.
JoJo returns to his fishing as Whitey and the other dolphin slowly swim in the vicinity occasionally fishing. Everyone seems to be enjoying the day and the company.
Now, this is my kind of T day!!

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  1. Makes me smile and is a reminder to be playful and not take myself so seriously. What a wonderful day. Lucky!