Thursday, November 13, 2014

JoJo Greeting Me For Our first Swim of The Season

Hi All,
We finally made it down, only loosing one bag which the airline had us pay a huge overage fee it was so heavy (JoJo books!!). When they retrieved it they wouldn't deliver it because no one wanted to carry it!! Welcome to the Islands:)
I heard lots of reports that JoJo had been sighted in front of Ocean Club a few days earlier. That always gets my hopes up although I realize most people can't tell if it's him or another.
We traveled up and down the coast and were almost to the end of Pine cay when he surfaced beside our boat! He wanted a ride back toward Grace Bay. He stayed in our wake all the way to Leeward with me grinning like a cheshire cat as I watched him. He branched off at Leeward and I got in. The video shows a little of our first of many great swims yesterday.

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