Saturday, November 22, 2014

At Last

Hi All,
We have another day before the big blow arrives. As we are heading out of Leeward channel, we listen to Bob warning all boaters to beware of the strong system coming our way. I'm figuring we might get at least another day before having to stay on shore. I actually have booked a trip to North Caicos during the two reputed windiest days.
We do our cruise around Grace Bay then head up to Pine Cay all eyes on the water. The visibility is pretty good. We don't see anything and then, once again JoJo appears right in front of Spy Hop. Stealth dolphin! We're always honored that with all the boats out here he chooses Spy Hop. As we turn around to accommodate his wish to go back toward Grace Bay, I wonder whether he's hungry or looking for his friends. I feel for his longing to find others and hope he can locate some. We've been here a little over a week and the six times we've seen him, he's been covering a lot of territory searching.
When we get to the end of Grace Bay, he branches off and swims in a big circle with me trying frantically to keep up. I get back in the boat and he wants to go back in he direction we just came. I think he was calling to see if any one was there. We head back toward 7 Stars Resort where he branches off and instead of going toward his private  dinner area, he heads out toward the reef with me again following as best I can. I get back in Spy Hop and John tells me he has seen a dorsal of a smaller dolphin! JoJo then returns to Spy Hop and waits for me to get in staying close as we head towards the other dolphin. He wants me to come with him to the other dolphin. Unfortunately, the other dolphin is fishing and moving rapidly. JoJo picks up speed and then disappears. Even though we lose them, I'm so happy JoJo found his friend. I am looking forward to a meeting and finding out if its someone I've met before.


  1. Beautiful photo. Thanks for posting!

  2. Maybe it's a newborn he wants to introduce you to?