Thursday, November 20, 2014

Private Dining Area

Hi All,
We were honored again with JoJo's picking our boat to take him wherever he chooses to go.
We were traveling along the end of Pine Cay closes to Leeward  when JoJo popped up beside our boat. Please understand that I spend every second on our boat searching the water for dorsals. Not once this trip have I spotted JoJo before he popped up at our boat! This would be a very different scenario if he were with other dolphins in which case I'd see dorsals and we'd motor over then he'd come to the boat.
In any case, JoJo indicated he wanted to go past Leeward and on past all the resorts. He branched off in front of 7 Stars and started fishing in earnest. I don't swim with him when he fishes by diving and chasing them. I think I may scare off the fish or just get in the way. Besides that, I can't keep up. When he fishes for the little fish that live in the sand he's cool with my company but today he's not after them. I think 7 Stars and the resorts nearby are his preferred restaurants! When you think about it, no humans can fish there and most dolphins don't come that close to shore so, JoJo goes into the swim areas and has his own private restaurant with his favorite fish that aren't touched by anyone else. Bar Jacks are one of his favorites.
I was quite sure JoJo would want a ride back up the coast to Pine Cay after his meal but actually we lost sight of him and truthfully, we were happy to return to the marina because it was getting late.
 I have been trying to learn how to bring our new slightly bigger boat into the slip. I'm preparing for John's not being here for the first couple of days on our next trip down. The day before I managed to get it in like an old pro. At home I have a CDL and can drive a nine horse trailer. I thought docking a boat should be a piece of cake. This time I didn't judge it so well. We weren't quite close enough to the edge for John to tie up so I tried to back out. First I almost crashed into the boat next door which was sticking out inconveniently. Then I managed to get the boat so close to the side wall of the marina I almost hit the motor and then almost hit another boat that was sticking out way too far from its slip in my opinion. I hope no one was watching because I must have looked like I was playing some sort of bumper boat game!!At that point,  I handed the controls over to John sufficiently humbled thinking I'd better stick to my truck and trailer!

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  1. On Wednesday afternoon he was in front of the swim line at Villa Renaissance apparently breaching 3 to 4 times with several small silver fish jumping up out of the water behind him. What a heavenly site!