Thursday, December 22, 2016

JoJo taxi Service

Hi All, The wind is down and its beautiful on the water. We come across JoJo at half Moon Beach and he shows us which way he wants to head and we're off. Lots of tour boats come by with tourists oohing and aahing as he surfaces to breath. He takes us past Turtle Cove into Crystal Bay, branches off for twenty minutes then wants a ride back. On the way back there is a huge rain cloud that luckily we avoided.
We take him to Pine Cay where he hears the barge that moves all sorts of things from North Caicos to Provo. He leaves us in a heartbeat and takes a ride back behind the barge toward Provo! Usually when he uses us in this manner, the next day he makes it up by bringing me for a nice swim. We will see!


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