Thursday, December 15, 2016

JoJo's Cuts

Hi All, Wow what a day! Gorgeous water, flat and clear. I have two great friends with me in Spy Hop, Mike Rosatti and Di. The pressure is on to find JoJo! Right out of Leeward I think I see a dolphin wahoo! No actually it's a really large shark who apparently just ate some fish because he smells really fishy! He was right on the surface fooling me into thinking he was a dolphin! I figure it's a good omen for more adventures! After making the usual pass down Grace Bay, we head up toward Pine Cay and there we find a very friendly JoJo visiting a Big Blue boat. He comes right over to Spy Hop. I got in and swim with him for a very long time. His cuts are healing appropriately. The white stringy stuff coming out of his cuts is called fibrin connective tissue. It is a sign that they are healing. Both Di and Mike got a chance for a swim with him as well. I have known Mike for years. He is a wealth of knowledge of all things related to the sea. In the early days before I had a boat, Mike ran the water sports at Ocean Club, he was a major JoJo spotter . After I bought my first boat, he would radio from the beach if JoJo was passing by! JoJo has now attracted a crowd and there are boats all over the place coming to see the famous JoJo. Eventually he comes back to Spy Hop and we continue all the way to the end of Grace Bay where he wants to turn around and head back! He stays in our wake until we get by the reef in front of Ocean Club where he seems to want to hang. This is a good moment to leave and head to Pine Cay. Truthfully when it's as gorgeous as today, there are so many options it's hard to decide what would be the most FUN. I had heard from a fisherman that they were seeing spouts! So we head out past the reef along Pine Cay. It's early for the whales to be arriving but you never know! Terrell reminded me that he needs to get back early because its election day in Turks and Caicos and he needs to vote. We go in toward shore and start heading back until I see a dorsal! We find Whizzer and Bo. When I get in they are swimming together and Whizzer didn't come flying over in his usual crazy man state. I notice his eyes are half closed. He is in sleep mode. After swimming with them for about five minutes, he comes alive and does his circling, spy hopping, flipping over backwards and porpoising out of the water! Bo seems a little put out with him and chases him around with her mouth open. In the mean time the Meridian Club water taxi motors up to watch all the fun. The Captain asks me if I speak dolphin :)I head to Spy Hop so Terrell can get back to vote. The dolphins delivered today!

JoJo cuts are healing from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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  1. I was on the Big Blue boat that day, got in the water with JoJo, WOW! What an amazing experience! I had been on the island all week looking for him. Wish I had read your book sooner and known you were there!