Sunday, December 18, 2016

JoJo Wants a Ride to The South Side

Hi All, As we leave the marina, I think I see something in the water maybe a turtle. Apparently it's not a turtle, it's JoJo. He comes right to boat then disappears only to show up again heading toward the South Side. Was he waiting for us?? He knows we always go where ever he wants and he has taken us out the South side before. When he did, he was going to meet a dolphin. Last year, I met Sponge Bob on a trip out the South Side. Another time there were three dolphins by the wreck. I have my hopes up that he's going to take us to either Sponge Bob or someone else. When he follows the boat in shallow water he has to stay out on the side. We head past the wreck that is fairly far out past the conch farm. It is so shallow the prop is dragging in the sand but we can't get going fast enough to get up on a plain or we will lose him. The farther we get from shore the bigger the waves get. We are way past the wreck and I'm looking in the wake but JoJo has branched and I can't find him. We look all over. I'm figuring we will see him with another dolphin but we can't find him. I was hoping for a dolphin meeting but it was not to be.

JoJo Following Spy Hop past Conch Farm from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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