Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hi All,
It is a great day on the water. Not much wind to speak of which means no wind driven waves. The kite boarders are unhappy and I'm thrilled! I have brought two great friends, Suz and Ted that have a home here on Provo. They would very much like to see JoJo. We go up and down the coast then to Pine Cay where we anchor and have a spectacular dinning area for lunch! How lucky are we to sit on Spy Hop watching Ospreys soar over head while munching on our sandwiches. We head back down the coast toward Leeward. I'm disappointed I haven't been able to find a single dolphin. I tell them we are taking one more pass by the resorts where JoJo maybe hanging out. I see him right outside of The Sands. He comes right to the boat looking like he wants a ride. He gets in our wake as far as 7 Stars and disappears. I could see from the boat, two big gashes that are repairing. The white stringy stuff is coming out of them. I know it isn't nearly as bad as last time because he's following the boat. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll find him and swim with him to get a better look.

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