Tuesday, November 13, 2018

First trip

Hi All, For the first time since Feb we are out on the water. The weather is not great with lots of wind and scattered showers. As always there are those equipment glitches!! Flat tire, camera malfunction to name a few. We motor up and down the coast dodging showers. On our last pass I see two dorsals!!! That's when I realized the camera had somehow frozen up! None the less I got in to meet a beautiful little calf with BO. I got to swim with them a few times. JoJo came around the second time and came by to greet me. Bo seemed to want me to meet her new calf and the calf took a look at me. I hope to get lots of video when my camera is in working order!!! I will be able to sex the calf once we get better acquainted. Even though I've been swimming with JoJo for 21 years I'm always grateful and a little amazed that I can get off the plane after months away, head out on Spy Hop, find my friends and carry on our friendship like I hadn't missed a day!

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