Wednesday, November 28, 2018

JoJo acting more Like JoJo

Hi All,
For the last few days we have found JoJo. He hasn't been interactive me or our boat. Today I'm determined to find him. I'm thinking if I do I won't even try to swim with him unless he comes right to our boat, in that way inviting me in.We look up and down the coast no sign of a dolphin. Around noon I suggest to John that we eat our lunch in Leeward Channel hoping to see JoJo. As I'm munching on a bag of potato chips (that I'm not supposed to eat)I see a dolphin heading right to Spy Hop! He circles around and I figure maybe he wants me in this time. He makes a few passes by me. That tenacious little remora swimming right along beside him then attaching to JoJo's side. I see Jojo start to head off and notice he's making a bee line for the Club Med snorkel boat Miss Turquoise. JoJo's being visible. He stays right at the surface as he approaches so everyone can see him. Finally someone notices and there's a load excited chorus of "there's JoJo". He swims to the back of their boat and takes a ride to Club med where he peels off. I think every single person and there were lots got a chance to film him most with go pros on sticks. John passes by JoJo and he gets in our wake. He now wants to go to Pine Cay which is in the direction he just came from. I think this is his way of checking out his territory. Once we get to the end of Pine Cay he vanishes as only a dolphin can do! I'm so happy to have a brief swim with him and see he's acting a little more like himself despite that annoying remora.

JoJo and Remora cont from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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