Sunday, April 6, 2014

JoJo's Cut is Healing

Hi All,
I'm happy to report JoJo's wounds look much better. It's amazing how quickly they heal. After the big front came through, we have been finding JoJo with Raggedy Ann everyday. They are happy to swim with me at least until a tour boat comes along and JoJo goes over and Raggedy Ann speeds up! I then have to start the process again of finding them and getting back in with them.
Unfortunately the time has come when I need to say good bye and get back to work. I did however write a children's book while I was waiting out the storm. JoJo is of course the hero! It shows from a dolphin's point of view what an awful thing a "swim with the dolphins" program is. Most of the people on this Island are fighting the government who wants to allow a swim with the dolphins program to come to the Islands. I'm hoping to help fight it through the children. Right now it's in court. When I return to Provo I hope to have a new DVD with lots of great footage  as well as a finished children's book.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tropic Birds

Hi All,
Every year at the time the Tropic Birds arrive. They are a pelagic bird that come to nest on the remote cays of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I look eagerly for their arrival each year. They are truly magnificent with their long flowing tail.
We saw three a few days ago. This one was looking for spot to nest on the far end of Fort George Cay, an uninhabited island.