Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Near collision

Hi All, I'm unfortunately at home in a blizzard instead of in the water with my dolphin friends. Before I left, I didn't have time to publish a near collision on my last day with the dolphins. That day JoJo was in our wake when we saw two other dolphins. They were Bo and Whizzer. When I got in, there was so much noise. They were whistling to each other. The whistles were higher pitched than usual. It was deafening. I knew something was up. Soon Lemon Lips showed up. He is Whizzer's older brother. If you look back in the video from that day you'll see lots of activity. The blog is Big Dolphin meeting. I looked up as I was swimming with Bo and Whizzer and in the distance I saw a dolphin porpoising toward me. Four hundred pounds of muscle hurtling my way!

Collision With Dolphin from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

I miss all the excitement and their friendship. I'm already counting the days.