Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Day one Discovery Channel

Hi All, After a very long time, we are finally here! I have to say getting through the airport in a wheel chair was the way to go. We went right to the front of the massive immigration line in Provo. Our great friends Abby and Robin pick us up each driving a separate cars so John could get to the Ship Yard where we keep Spy Hop and I could get to the condo to start the unpacking job. John and Robin get to the marina to find the boat filthy dirty, unfueled and with a shredded bimini. This is after many emails requesting that the boat be fueled cleaned and ready. Abby and I deal with unpacking and charging the 4 scooters. Neither of us were injured by the heaps of stuff crammed into the owners closet. Always a risk that you'll get beaned by a can of WD-40 or a flipper! We meet with the Discovery crew to go over arrangements for the next day. There are lots of them and they are all so nice. We decide on a 5:45 start to beat the tourist boats. They have hired a beautiful BIG boat owned by Matt Slattery to accomodate a huge crew of audio engineers, cameramen, director, and assitants. They have food and drinks that just couldn't fit on our boat. We'll have two camera men and one of their wives and so many camereras. There isn't an inch of room left over. We head off through Leeward Cut to start the hunt! I've been waiting for this moment for so long. It's drop dead gorgeous. How I love this island! No matter how you try to explain that finding JoJo when you come out of Leeward is a bit daunting, it doesnt become clear until they see the great expanse of water to the left and right. We do our dolphin circle past the resorts but neither boat sees anyone. We decide to split up. I think the Discovery people were starting to think we'd never find him. We are up at Pine Cay when Matt's crew finds him back at Leeward. We fly back with me trying to get flippers on without stepping on any of their massive cameras. Once we get there both boats stop and I get in. JoJo was clearly on a mission and not giving the reunion we were all hoping for. I swim with him long enough to see he has another damn remorra attached by his fluke. This never makes him happy. He does eventually get behind our boat and wants a ride to the far end of the island. I thought I'd get a swim once he wants to turn around but he just wants a ride back. I did get some footage of our first swim but unfortunatly the card broke as John took it out of the camera. Hopefully I'll get some tomorrow and hopefully he'll be in a more social mood! Discovery however got lots of footage of him in the wake and the beautiful flat tourquiose water. Until tomorrow. Jay

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Trip to Turks

Hi All, John and I are heading to Provo to meet the crew from Discovery Channel. We are hoping to see JoJo. It's been a long time and I hope we find him. I am eager to see who else is around. I hope there are new calves. I'm nervous my cancer will make me so weak I can't swim with them for long but I'm going to give it my best shot! Stay tuned I hope there's lots to report! Jay

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Discovery Channel

Hi All, JoJo and I have it into an episode on Discovery channel!!It's about friendships
between wild animals and humans. I'lllet you know when it will air!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Quality Time

HI All, I have somehow managed to get a nasty cold and cough. I Think I can at last try to find the dolphins and maybe swim for a while. I would hate to not try to find them again today seeing we found them yesterday. In years past Bo and swam almost everyday with whichever calf she had at the same time. We went only once up and down the coast before finding them. Once I got into the murky water and located them, they just stayed around me. Scooter of course flying in circles upside down around me as I spun in circles with my scooter. Bo seemed to just make bigger circles around both of us.I really feel she likes having my company perhaps another adult is nice to have around.i'm now really cold and feeling pretty crummy so we pack and leave our friends. I suggest going to the channels where we can get out of the wind. I take off my wetsuit and lie in the sun. We watch the turtles pop their heads up to breath. An occasional barracuda swims by looking for lunch.

Scooter Games from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Hi All, Finally found them!!!! We look up and down the coast and as we reach the end of Pine Cay, John spots two dorsals. I was getting so worried I wouldn’t see them before we had to go home. The water is really murky and it takes me a while to locate them underwater. There is no doubt however, that this is Scooter and Bo. So great to see them and they seem to feel the same way. Boats start arriving to watch. Some are respectful others barge right in and sometimes over them. I had heard rumors that a young dolphin was very friendly and people were getting way too pushy with it. There’s no doubt this was Scooter. She was very friendly with the swimmers that got in the water. I wish the boat Captains would warn against touching and getting too aggressive before something goes wrong. JoJo originally was also friendly until some jerk was rumored to stick a beer bottle down his blowhole. He in retaliation started biting and slapping people with his tail if they got too close. They all eventually left and Bo and Scooter had a long session of flipper footsie as if Bo was saying there, there every thing is okay! you can see she is a female by the formation of a division mark where her mammelary glands are.

Bo and Scooter 2020 from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Anchor Line Scratch

Hi All, The wind is still up but luckily coming from the East. This helps to keep the waves down on the Grace Bay side of the island. We have invited David along on today's adventure. After traveling up and down the coast and even trying past the reef, we find JoJo who happily gets behind our boat. He now has his Uber ride for as long as he wants it! Numerous tour boats come by to view the famous JoJo as he surfaces behind Spy Hop. I'm hoping he may branch off and hang out somewhere so we can get in with him. As we approach Beaches resort with their many boats, our opportunity arises. JoJo has zeroed in on a dive boat anchored not far away. He swims over to get a good scratch on the anchor line. This is always a great time get in and swim with him. Speed is of the essence when the opportunity arises because it might not last long. I get in and David follows. We get to watch him scratching every part of his body as he turns and twists then flips over at the bottom of the line to do it again. He eventually tires of this and moves on I get to swim with him as he looks for another activity. He finds a dive boat heading out to sea. They are more than happy to slow down and let all the divers look at JoJo. JoJo impatiently swims behind waiting for them to motor off. David has gone back to the boat and I join him. He comments on how big JoJo is when you are beside him in the water. This is always everyone's comment when they first encounter JoJo from the water. Funny how the dolphins look small from the boat but so much bigger when you are beside them. Trust me, Jojo is every bit of 7 feet and although he's getting to be an old man he's still impressively strong and fast. We end our day with David practicing on the hydrofoil with hopes that JoJo will want to join him someday.

Anchor line Scratch from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Hi All,
I have been swimming with JoJo for 21 years. He's picked me out of a crowd of over twenty admirers;he's brought me for magical swims through coral reefs; he's played bang the buoy with me; he's protected me from an angry dolphin; he's introduced me many of his pod members. Last year when he didn't choose to swim close to me I was worried he just didn't like me any more or he figured I now had other dolphins to swim with and he'd done his job. I was hoping it was that remora that just wouldn't get off him that was making him not want to swim close to me. David has joined us again. He is our official photographer. As we head out of the marina much to their delight the boys spot what looks like a bikini top hanging off the osprey nest! The water looks pretty flat as the sun twinkles off it. There is JoJo, just like old times waiting right at Leewad! He wants to go to Pine Cay. He has trained us well to take him where ever he wants. As we approach the reef at the end of Pine Cay he branches off but doesn't go far. I get in hoping to spend some time with him. He comes up and looks at me for a long time. I try doing a sort of waggle dance to see if he'll imitate me. I am happy beyond belief that our friendship is still strong.

JoJo and I have a heart to heart from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

JoJo starts to swim slowly away. He waits for me to come. We swim over a small reef with a few fish. How great is this swimming way out by the reef with your dolphin friend and guide. We are buddies again and nothing could make me happier.

Magical Swim With JoJo from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.