Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jane Goodall Says Sea World Should be Shut Down
She is my hero!
I will be making a trip in June to see JoJo. I hope to have lots of posts at that time!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Last day In Paradise

Hi All,
Of course when the film company was on our boat we couldn't find JoJo, only a lone dolphin fishing.
However, JoJo came through in spades today. We found him pretty early this morning despite the strong winds and waves. He entertained a number of tour boats not only when I was swimming with him but when he was in our wake.  At the entrance to Leeward, I was swimming with him when we started to attract a crowd of boats. I didn't notice Island Vibes boat that came up behind me while I was watching JoJo scratching on some finger coral. Yikes! They hit the gas to reverse and I was in a sea of bubbles. I couldn't see a thing. JoJo was just swimming around among this massive gathering of boats. He seemed more interested in the finger coral than all the people watching. The only boat he seemed interested was Reef Peepers. He did go under their pontoons perhaps looking for a ride. In the hours we spent with him, he took two tours along the swim lines in front of the resorts. He did check out Pine Cay as well where the waves were quite big. The waves were coming from every direction. JoJo was making a serpentine pattern by surfing not only the waves but our wake. He went off to check out a huge yacht while we found a spot out of the wind to warm up and eat lunch. When we motored back, he was ready to take a ride back to Grace Bay! As we motored along, tour boat after tour boat pulled up to watch the famous JoJo. Finally they all left us in peace and JoJo branched off again to swim in front of the resorts. We tried to sneak off but, he kept popping up near us.  I was having a hard time leaving him anyway knowing I won't be back until November.  Finally I just got in so I could have one more long swim with him. We set out away from the swim lines where I didn't think there were any boats or people. However, I nearly got run over by the Club Med snorkel boat. I was diving watching JoJo roll in the sand and when I surfaced there was a throng of people hanging off the railings looking at me. There was also a concerned paddle boarder who was sure I was going to buy the farm.
I wonder if JoJo is hanging around with humans more, because there haven't been many other dolphins inside the reef. I am hoping Raggedy Anne is about to calve and that when she does both her and her calve will stay inside the reef and JoJo will escort them as he has in the past. I only wish I could be here to meet the calf or perhaps calves if Bo is also pregnant.
The time had come to take our boat back to The Shipyard where it will remain in storage until next season. I waved a teary good bye as JoJo swam off toward Club Med. I hear some guests at Ocean Club got the chance to see him as well.
I will do a video from home of our last day I should have it up on Sunday.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

JoJo takes me for a swim

Hi All,
After arguing at length with my computer, here's the news from yesterday. It was a totally grey and cold day totally unlike most TCI weather. As we made our way down Grace Bay, I see a gorgeous solitary flamingo coming from across the reef toward land. This has always been a good sign for me. As we approach Leeward, I notice Sea Dancer is out by the reef. JoJo seems to really like that yacht and I figure he's out there. As soon as we approach, JoJo makes a bee line for us! I get in to have a nice swim over the coral. I have my friend, James along and he wants to meet JoJo. After JoJo and I have a nice swim, we turn back toward Spy Hop and James gets a chance to get in and meet him. JoJo indicates he wants a ride by coming to the back of the boat, however we take too long climbing out of the water and Sea Dancer comes by.  JoJo follows them ( you snooze you lose!). We follow as they head down Pine Cay then JoJo branches off and we lose him in the high waves.
Later that afternoon, I have a scheduled meeting with the crew from Animal Planet. They came to our boat and asked some questions about my relationship with JoJo. We did a segment with Dean and I talking. They were very nice and easy to work with. It would be fun to be included at the end of the program. A sort of, "What JoJo is up to now". They have been out quite a few times with Dean but haven't been able to find JoJo even when I have been calling them telling them where he is! However each time I've called they have already gone back to shore or they weren't filming on the water that day. They are planning to come out with us. I hope we can find JoJo.