Friday, January 18, 2013

JoJo, Raggedy Ann and B.B. Tip

Hi All,
An even better dolphin day. With the help of a boat Captain we found JoJo by Leeward Cut. He was with a catamaran sail boat. I got in and he came right over and wanted to follow me toward OC. We swam for a long time until he wanted to sped up so I climbed in Catch Ride and he stayed in our wake all the way to Grace Point where he branched off. We had brought along a friend, Kit the owner of a great hotel on the Island called South Fleet. Kit has been living here for twenty years, had met JoJo many years ago and was keen to meet him again. I was waiting for the right moment for her to get in when JoJo would stay around our boat. This was the time. I knew he would want to visit a buoy that was not far from our boat which would also keep him around. Kit got to swim with JoJo until the Beaches catamaran came by and he wanted to visit it. He and I swam over and he hung out under it for awhile as everyone oohed and ahhed. We eventually swam back to Catch Ride to head back down the coast toward Leeward again. My water scooter's battery was starting to run low and I wanted to keep some battery in case we met up with the calves so I got back in catch Ride and JoJo fell in behind us. We gave him a ride back to Leeward where he branched off. The water was really clear and I was trying to get the GoPro camera mounted on my wrist to see if I could get some footage when two other dolphins appeared.  JoJo was close to the boat so I figured it was okay for me to get in. There was Raggedy Ann and Baby Black Tip! They were fairly friendly for not having Bo and Lemon Lips around. Per usual I fell in behind them and JoJo followed me until I got too slow than he over took me. That apparently is my designated spot in the pod for as long as I can keep up! I did get some good footage although it came out sideways ! I had the camera mounted on my wrist and as I used the scooter my wrist was turned.  I contacted my "tech guru" and he said he could turn the videos right side up.  It looks like I can get the videos on the blog after some "fixing".

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