Monday, January 21, 2013

Pod Play

Hi All,
We were sitting at the end of Fort George Cay thinking it was pretty windy  and lumpy and maybe not a great day for swimming with dolphins when we noticed a boat stopped at the end of Pine Cay. We motored over to find JoJo and four others. When I got in I saw that they were Raggedy Ann, B.B. Tip, Bo and Lemon Lips. I again tried the Go Pro on my wrist.  JoJo was very helpful bringing me to the pod. He actually stays behind me sort of guiding me toward them. It's pretty cool to be swimming along thru the murky water and suddenly having four flukes materialize! At one point I was with Bo and Lemon Lips and they were swimming in a slow tight circle with me right beside them, maybe so I could keep up! I thought I was getting great stuff on the GoPro (thinking Nat Geo!!) however the battery had crapped out:((( SO disappointing. Lemon Lips had also come over by himself to say hello and that didn't come out either. The good news however is I think I'm on to something and can get some great stuff while still using the scooter. We were with them for 5 hours before we lost sight of them while changing to another tank of gas!!

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