Friday, January 25, 2013

More Pod Play

Hi All.
The day didn't start so well with big waves crashing by the shore forcing us to pick up our equipment at Leeward Marina. The engine was acting up so we decided to go back to Caicos Marina to have them work on it. It was a good move as the piss valve was not pissing! As most of you know I'm seriously electronically challenged but if the P. Valve isn't working then the engine's cooling system isn't working. That means to me the engine could blow up!! They tell me it just shuts down either way not good!!
The guys at the Marina were so great. They went right to work on the motor and after performing to my way of thinking magic, they got the valve working (pissing like a race horse:).
Off we go on the search. We added in a little snorkeling and saw two big schools of Horse Eyed jacks. One with juveniles and the other with seriously large older fish. Also saw Spade fish and one Permit who we have seen with the Horse Eyed jacks before.
We headed to Pine Cay ever hopeful that the pod would be there. We saw a boat stopped but they were looking for sand dollars and then I noticed a dorsal!  There they were!
JoJo came right up and brought me to the pod through the very murky water. JoJo was very amorous with Bo he stroked her belly with his pec and went belly to belly with her. I don't know if he got the job done but I hope so! They didn't mind either me or Lemon Lips hanging around watching! Lemon Lips was particularly rambunctious as he circled me, darted off, whizzed back, circled the boat porpoised and fell over backwards. At one time I was with JoJo, Bo and Raggedy Ann. They were all so friendly and  Raggedy Ann didn't even mind my swimming beside her.
Now, I'll give you John's perspective from the boat. He said at one point the dolphins were heading away from us but fairly close and when I got in they all turned back and came to me:))
He then said all the dolphins had split up to fish and do what dolphins do. He watched as I swam from one to the other, none of them cared at all that I was with them.
His last observation was that Lemon Lips  was circling me then zipping  over to the boat then zipping back to me circling then back to the boat!!
There were times that other boats came to watch. Many times when I'm with Bo and Lemon Lips they will circle slowly with me right beside them. However when other boats come along they speed up and  change direction. If I'm filming it puts an end to that! One boat came along when Lemon Lips was really energetic. He swam around them tail slapping and spy hopping.
I am so lucky to have JoJo as my friend as he has made all of this possible.
Thank you!!

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