Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JoJo Solo

Hi All,
We found JoJo as we were coming out of Leeward. He wanted a ride toward Grace Point which we off course gave him. He branched off there and I got in with him and had a nice long swim. I tried again to get footage with our GoPro and this time there were no camera snafus only a few photographer issues!! It's hard to get him in the frame when he's so close!! and he wanted me to lead which would mean no video so I waited for him to take the lead. At one point he swam way in by the beach right inside the swim lines by lots of oblivious people!! We humans have no idea whats going on mere feet away from us in the water! Later he followed our boat back to Leeward and stopped, I think he was hoping some others would join him as there is a cut thru the reef there. No dolphins joined him but lots of tour boats came by to uh and ah at the famous JoJo. I got to hang with him during all this. He then started to follow me toward Pine Cay. I got back in the boat as we knew he wanted a ride, which he took only to have a tour boat come along side and steal him away!!!and after I told them he was with us!!! We never saw him after that!!
Later that night our good friend Opie the cat who sometimes sleeps in our condo came to our door he had had an accident and was very lame and sore. His hind leg was very swollen and he couldn't use it. We got a hold of his real owner who came right over to take him to the vet!! I missed having Opie spend the night and will find out how he is today! His owner was very aware that Opie has many friends at OC.

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