Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Calves

Hi All,
We are back in Provo and back on the hunt! Two days ago the water was very lumpy and we went out back into the channels and later learned from Andy who was the Captain of the Club Med snorkel boat that JoJo was alone and hanging in front of Grace Bay Point for a good two hours!!
However, luck was with us as we got a report that Reef Peepers saw him  by Leeward. We hurried to Leeward but couldn't find him. We thought he was making his way to Pine Cay so we went that way but didn't see him. We figured if we waited long enough he'd show up but there was some dark clouds heading over Parrot Cay and it was starting to get late so we started  on our way back. As we got about half way down Pine Cay I saw a dorsal. It was a very small and curious calf. Then we saw four more one of whom was JoJo. I got in as the calf was quite close and he took a look but didn't hang around. JoJo looked quite involved in an amorous way with one of the other dolphins and the calves were spy hopping and cavorting all over. It was quite wavy and the visibility was very murky. We are pretty sure there were two very young calves and maybe two moms and JoJo but its so hard to tell from the boat. I was hoping JoJo would help with an introduction and eventually he did! He came to the boat and waited for me to come in, gave me a quick hello and headed back to the other dolphins with me behind him. UNFORTUNATELY I had a mask malfunction and had to stop before drowning! By that time I couldn't catch up because of the big waves and bad visibility.We hung with them for a while. The calves kept looking up to see if we were there! One of the calves fell over backwards  and lay upside down with both flippers extended. I'm hoping to find them all again and maybe see if I know any of them besides JoJo.

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