Monday, January 20, 2014

Fit The Criteria

Hi All,
I was hoping to see JoJo and we sure did! We found him at Coral Gardens and he seemed to want a ride so, John zoomed past him and he took his usual position at the back of the boat in our wake. The three criteria were met: he was traveling alone,we brought him in the right direction and our wake and speed was to his liking. He stayed with us until we were about to reach Leeward Cut where he branched off. He stayed near the boat and we dropped anchor.  I got in I swam with him for over an hour. He was very happy to have company and of course scratch on our anchor line.
 An Island Vibes boat came by to see the famous JoJo and dropped anchor.  JoJo went off to investigate with me following. He zeroed in on their nice thick anchor line that came off the front of the boat and started scratching. I said to the passengers "hop in he's in a friendly mood".  They got into the water and did get to see him briefly but he swam to the other side of the boat.  I went with him leaving them behind.
After coming around the back of the boat and heading toward a coral head, JoJo noticed a crew member who had swum off to do a little diving, more than likely looking for conch which they often do. JoJo checked out what he was doing, then we  headed back to Catch Ride. By this time a lot of tour boats had noticed the dolphin activity and came by with lots of people to "ooh" and "ahhh". JoJo kept following me :)) The tourists got a good chance for pictures because they all crowded around us creating the usual dolphin traffic jam. JoJo was happy to have with me with him as we went from boat to boat.
We eventually swam off toward Ocean Club with me in the lead. By this time John had taken up our anchor and was following along making sure no one ran over me! Once they all left, John motored over and dropped anchor and we hung for awhile. After some lazy swimming around perhaps with JoJo napping, he came to me looked right at me, then started off toward Club Med. I think he was telling me he wanted to get going. I climbed back in Catch Ride and we headed back down the coast with JoJo once again in tow.
This time he wanted to go past the channel to Turtle Cove and into the body of water beyond. Most boats don't go there because it's very shallow and has lots of coral heads. JoJo branched off and swam away from us. We decided he wanted some alone time, so we ate lunch and John went for a nice swim. After awhile, I want to see if we could find him again. I thought he might end up at the opening of Turtle Cove so we circled back in that direction. There was a sail boat anchored there and I figured JoJo would investigate. Sure enough, as we got to the boat, I saw his dorsal heading slowly right toward the opening of Turtle Cove. I said to John "I bet he goes in". He did!!  We had heard that he was sometimes seen in Turtle Cove but this was the first time we had seen him there. He went in to fish. I guess he likes Turtle Cove for lunch as much as we do!! After fishing all around the marina, he went around the little island near Tiki Hut where we so often see Ospreys and started out the channel.   We once again gave him a ride as he headed out. This time he wanted to go all the way back past Leeward and on to Pine Cay. Occasionally, he would branch off. I think he likes to take a break then waits for us to pick him up again. (We are trained!). During one of these breaks, I got in. He once again wanted me to lead. He followed along sometimes with his rostrum right at my elbow! Our wonderful day ended with JoJo going off to fish in the channel between Fort George Cay and Dellis Cay. It was getting late and we had a football game to watch!

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