Friday, January 24, 2014

The Gang

Hi All,
The waves were up and the skies were dark but we ventured out. We made our way past the big waves at Leeward heading down Turtle Cove; then checked out the water past the reef. Our little Whaler was no match for the big waves out there so, we turned back and headed back toward Grace Point, where we saw a boat stopped off the point. The tour boat had found a pod of dolphins. They  were the same four I've been swimming with all winter. I got in and after awhile got used to the big waves and found if my snorkel  filled up with water I could just blow it out!! JoJo was of course there to escort me to the pod. Raggedy Ann was gracious about hanging with me. Frisky was having great fun surfing the big waves! We were out in front of Seven Stars for a long time with all of them  swimming round checking out the ocean floor. A few tour boats came by. I got out while one stayed to take lots of pictures. John moved ahead of them after they had a good picture session.  I got back in and  stayed with them as they all were just traveling slowly along . JoJo was right at my elbow where he's been positioning himself lately. He had a new scrape on his left pec the one which is chopped off at the end.
We made our way down toward Ocean Club where I was hoping they would come near shore but Frisky found a really good wave to surf and they all took off with him. We couldn't find them for awhile.  We searched past Coral House and found them making their way toward Leeward. John and I watched them from the boat as they made there way out by the reef and headed in the direction   where the waves were really big. We lost sight of them in the big waves and decided to go in because 

it was rough and cold.

The video is of JoJo and Raggedy Ann in murky water. The pic is Julia and Frisky

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