Sunday, January 19, 2014

JoJo Across The Reef

Hi All,
We have just returned to the Island. For the first two days, other than seeing a dolphin on the South Side which  we didn't recognize didn't see anyone. Yesterday, a boat captain told us JoJo was at Grace Point and we flew down the coast to see if we could find him. He was right in front of The Sands Resort. He seemed to want a ride but not any interaction, so I didn't get in with him. He got in our wake and we gave him a ride until he was opposite Ocean Club where he branched off toward the reef. We saw him surface one time before he vanished in the direction of the reef. We looked and looked then motored our way toward Leeward Cut figuring it was getting late in the day and maybe he was going toward Pine Cay. When we got there I asked John to go outside the reef thinking maybe he was meeting some friends there. We went out through Leeward Cut past the reef and turned back toward Ocean Club. After motoring a little way, three dolphins went at speed under our boat we don't know if JoJo was with them but I imagine he was.
I have only traveled with JoJo past the reef a few times but I suspect he goes out there more than I thought!
I had been told by a boat captain that JoJo hasn't been following boats any more. We have dispelled that rumor. However, there seems to be some criteria as to when he follows a boat: first he has to be alone since he won't want to leave his friends; second you have to be going where he wants to go and third he has to like your wake and speed.

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