Wednesday, January 22, 2014

JoJo's Friends and or Family are Back

Hi All,

We spent all morning searching for dolphins or whales and couldn't find anyone. Then we saw a boat stopped outside of Leeward Cut. There were two dolphins. After the tour boat left them, I got in and both dolphins came right over. It was Julia and Frisky as I suspected. Frisky's cut in front of his left pec is all healed up leaving only a little mark. They swam under me for awhile then Julia came right at me, then they swam away. They stayed far from the boat so, I decided to wait in the boat and hope that they were planning to meet up with JoJo.
As I hoped, two other dorsals popped up in a matter of minutes. One headed right toward our boat. It of course was JoJo. I got in and he brought me back to the pod. Raggedy Ann was with them as I suspected.  The line up went JoJo, Raggedy Ann, Jay, Frisky and Julia. How cool is that!!
The first time they split up, I went with Julia and Frisky but they soon swam off and I had too go back to the boat. It was by the way very murky with only a few feet of visibility. I hung on the swim ladder (please don't do this!!) and John dragged me over to them again. JoJo again came up and brought me to the pod and this time I stayed with JoJo and Raggedy Ann when they started splitting up. They circled and circled under me as I circled above them, then off we went to join the others. With the water so murky, it's hard to see where everyone's going but it's sure fun to be in the middle of it. Later I again had to climb in the boat after loosing sight of everyone. John brought toward them again and I got in. I could only see one dolphin, Julia and she let me swim for a long time with her. Frisky had swum off somewhere and she was waiting for him to come back. When he arrived they went off on a mission and I returned to the boat. We left them and as we motored back I thought how lucky am I. Here I am swimming with my dolphin friends who have so generously let me into their lives while my friends and family are about to get hit with a snow storm and freezing weather.

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